R U OK? Day – 8 September 2022

It’s a well known fact that physical health and mental wellbeing go hand in hand, so all of us at WA Squash are today asking you: R U OK?

Whether you’re a member of a Club, casual player, parent, coach, or spectator, everyone has a role to play in building an ‘R U OK? Culture’.

Check out the range of free resources R U OK? provide, specifically tailored to sporting environments, here: https://www.ruok.org.au/sport-resources.

R U OK? is a harm prevention charity that encourages people to stay connected and have conversations that can help others through difficult times in their lives. R U OK? contributes to suicide prevention efforts by encouraging  people to invest more time in their  personal relationships and building the capacity of informal support networks – friends, family and colleagues – to be alert to those around them, have a conversation if they identify signs of distress or difficulty and connect someone to appropriate support, long before they’re in crisis.

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