1800 Safe Sport Hotline

The 1800 Safe Sport Hotline (1800 161 361) has been created for members to share their story about issues they have experienced in sport.  It features an anonymous reporting capability which includes wider racial and cultural issues in sport for people who have been discriminated against in their sport.  Callers can be put in touch with support services if needed.

Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) will talk to them about whether their issue falls within information that SIA can receive, such as doping, child protection, discrimination, and the National Integrity Framework.  If a matter falls outside of the scope of their functions, SIA will provide them with advice on what options they have.

This expanded remit will not only give people an opportunity to be heard but will help SIA to understand exactly where the problems lie so we can work with sports to create a sporting culture free from abuse.  The expanded hotline will allow people to make complaints about abuse in sport, although SIA will not be able to investigate historical matters.  If a caller wishes to make a complaint, they can also do so via the SIA website: www.sportintegrity.gov.au.

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