Club of the Month – Dampier!! 😎☀️

We are absolutely delighted to introduce you to Miss June – the totally awesome Dampier Squash Club!

Dampier Squash Club is located on Haig Street, Dampier, which is a little over 1,500km north of Perth in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The club celebrates their uniqueness in being the only open air squash facility in Western Australia.  They have a rich history, dating back to 1970 that they are very proud of.

The club runs a Wednesday pennant competition that welcomes players of all levels. They truly make the most of their picturesque amphitheatre, embracing the warm weather and outdoor lifestyle, with teams taking turns cooking dinner for all, getting the fire pit roaring. Members also have access to the courts to play socially as it suits them.

Dampier Squash Club runs their annual FeNaClNg tournament in late July/early August which attracts 90-100 players that compete in teams of four. The event is renowned for its welcome dinner where club members provide locally caught fish, squid and prize Red Emperor for a Friday night FEAST!  This year will be the FeNaClNg tournament’s 33rd anniversary, and the club is looking forward to welcoming players from across the state with their friendly hospitality, warm weather and great squash.  Players are invited to set up camp at the courts or stay at nearby accommodation, including the neighbouring Dampier Mermaid Hotel.  Matches are played across the Saturday and Sunday, wrapping up with presentations and a closing function on Sunday evening.

When asked who the MVPs at the club are, they proudly beamed “EVERYONE! We are really lucky to have a great community at the club.”  Special mentions went to President Cal Heath, Treasurer and former Club Captain Silas Briskey, and current Club Captain Simon Keogh.

“These guys work away behind the scenes dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s to make sure we all have a great squash experience. They are forever looking for ways to advance and improve the club whilst preserving and celebrating the unique atmosphere and set up we have at Dampier.  We also have a hardworking team of volunteers who pull together our FeNaClNg tournament each year.”

Unfortunately, they are facing the prospect of the courts being demolished to make way for a caravan park. While they are fighting hard to keep their club and maintain their unique facilities, any support they can garner from our wider squash community would be very warmly welcomed.  So if you love their club, courts and FeNaClNg Tournament as much as we do, please put pen to paper and provide them with a letter of support from your own club to help them with their cause.

Lastly, the club would like to give a shout out to their major sponsors Dampier Community Association, Pilbara Mitsubishi, ChemDry Northwest, and Dampier Mermaid Hotel.

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