Interschool Competition

2023 Healthway Interschool Squash Competition

We are delighted to share a rundown of the 2023 Interschool Squash Competition which took place on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 June.  It was an exciting event that showcased exceptional talent, intense competition, and a commitment to inclusivity.

The competition brought together athletes from various schools, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and growth within the squash community.


  • Junior Girls – Ursula Frayne Catholic College
  • Junior Boys – Willetton Senior High School
  • Senior Girls – Ursula Frayne Catholic College
  • Senior Boys – Wesley College

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Willetton Senior High School for their triumph in the Junior Boys division, Ursula Frayne Catholic College for their victories in both the Junior Girls and Senior Girls divisions, and Wesley College for their achievement in the Senior Boys division. Your remarkable performances inspired us all and set the bar high within school squash!

We would like to highlight the commitment to inclusivity and community engagement that the event demonstrated.  The Interschool Squash Competition provides a platform to welcome non-squash players, introducing them to the sport through a welcoming environment. We hope all participants had a positive and enjoyable experience, and warmly invite them to continue their squash journey through our Junior Development Pathway initiatives.

Heartfelt thanks goes to all the participating schools, coaches, teachers, parents and volunteers for their invaluable contributions to the success of the vent.  Your dedication, support, and enthusiasm helps us to create a vibrant and thriving squash community.

Special mention to Aidan Mascaro, Kyle Mascaro, Daniel Marsh, Eric Marsh, Alexander Marsh, Jasmin Legge, Brendan Scott, Luke Scott, Andreas Christou, Domenic Christou, Jerome Tan, Charlie Richardson, Arye BernSousa, Antonin Cerny, Joey Scott and Renee Tan – who represented their respective schools.  They demonstrated great sportsmanship and athleticism while being fantastic role models of the game to those who competed that don’t regularly participate in the sport.

Thank you to all the teachers and parents who helped organise their teams in the lead-up to the event, and for helping me out during the competition.

Special thanks to Sue Hillier, Leigh-Anne Kaye, Katy Scott, Chris Castro and Serena Richardson for their hard work in the lead up to, and during, the event.

Finally, thank you to Healthway and Fuel to Go & Play for their support and positive messages about consuming healthy food and drink.  All players were offered a Fuel to Go & Play water bottle and free fruit.  Winners and runner ups were also presented with Fuel to Go & Play cooler bags.

We can’t wait for future interschool competitions where we can continue to celebrate talent, sportsmanship, and the joy of squash!

To get your school involved in the 2024 Interschool Competition, send an email to!

Photo 28-6-2023, 11 03 57 am
Photo 28-6-2023, 10 59 24 am
Photo 28-6-2023, 10 56 28 am
Photo 28-6-2023, 10 44 15 am
Photo 28-6-2023, 10 04 20 am
Photo 28-6-2023, 9 32 56 am
Photo 28-6-2023, 9 30 39 am
Photo 28-6-2023, 9 29 32 am
Photo 28-6-2023, 9 28 28 am
Photo 28-6-2023, 1 40 25 pm
Photo 28-6-2023, 1 39 21 pm
Photo 28-6-2023, 1 37 46 pm
Photo 27-6-2023, 11 19 12 am
Photo 27-6-2023, 11 18 58 am
Photo 27-6-2023, 9 29 45 am
Photo 27-6-2023, 9 03 58 am
Photo 27-6-2023, 2 01 19 pm
Photo 27-6-2023, 1 59 55 pm
Photo 27-6-2023, 1 59 02 pm
Photo 27-6-2023, 1 57 39 pm
Photo 27-6-2023, 1 56 48 pm
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