Online Nomination Form – Junior of the Year

A judging panel will consider all nominations and select winners from each award category. Selections will be based on the award category suitability, and how the Selection Criteria has been addressed on this form.  All judging is final.  Award winners will be announced at the annual WA Squash awards ceremony.

Selection Criteria

1. Contribution
Describe the type, range, depth, consistency, and duration of the nominee’s activities and how they have contributed to others.  Explain how the nominee’s contribution has impacted individuals, as well as the sport of squash in general. Identify what is unique or outstanding about the nominee, their best attributes and how are these demonstrated. Provide examples of any challenges overcome and significant achievements and successes.

2. Benefit
Describe who has benefited from the nominee’s activities, and the nature and extent of the impact of their work. Provide specific examples of how the nominee’s work has impacted on others, individuals or groups, and how far reaching the benefit and impact is felt, eg. locally, regionally, or state-wide and whether it will have long term impact. Explain how others have shown appreciation and recognition of the value of the nominee’s activities, eg. certificates and accolades received.

3. Leadership
Describe how the nominee has shown initiative, and provide examples of initiative and innovation. Describe the leadership and visionary qualities of the nominee and provide examples of how this is demonstrated. Describe how the nominee has inspired and encouraged others. Describe, with examples, how the nominee has contributed to capacity building, eg. developed processes, resources, skills, or knowledge that will sustain and grow the sport.