2018 Cambridge Junior Christmas Cup

The 2018 Cambridge Junior Christmas Cup will be held on Sunday, 2nd December at Squashworld Cambridge.

Event Format

Event 1: Timed singles event in a swiss draw.  3 timed games with the overall points determining the winner (not games won)

Event 2: Timed doubles format.  1 timed game, to include power play options and team time outs. Doubles pairs will be randomly assigned with players on the day

Event 3: ‘King of the court style 5 Down Competition’.  5 down is a challenge of last player remaining as it is an all against all.  Timed rounds with players aiming to be in the last few left.  Be in the top few and you progress up a court, first few eliminated will shift down a court.  Bonus points if you win your round!

2018 Cambridge Junior Christmas Cup Entry Form

Entries close: Wednesday, 28th November 5.00pm.

Please note: Event limited to 48 entries. 

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