Upcoming Events

2022 is looking to be a very busy squash calendar year!

A few quick reminders:

  • Registrations close on Sunday 9th 2022 for the Mandurah 600– a great tournament to introduce newer juniors to tournaments
  • 2022 Junior Squash clinic registrations close Wednesday 12th of January. Register on SportyHQ: https://www.sportyhq.com/tournament/view/WA-Junior-Camp
  • Registrations for the New Years Bash & West Coast Open at Squashworld Brentwood have opened on SportyHQ
  • Battle of Belmont (Masters) is on the 4th of February
  • On the 11th of February is the brand new Red Hot Summer Teams Challenge. Register on SportyHQ: https://www.sportyhq.com/tournament/view/Red-Hot-Summer-Teams-Challenge
  • Registrations have opened for the 2022 Inaugural State U23 Titles on SportyHQ

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